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Speed and lossy compression metrics

Evolution of the AV1 codec

How was made this document


Large images were first encoded with BPG at q24 filesizes. Medium is 60% of Large. Small is 60% of Medium. Tiny is 60% of Small. Everything else was matched to +/- 5% filesize.

Due to codec constraints, there ane no lossless images for PIK, instead is displayed the maximum quality available (0.5). Similarly, the minimum quality available produces files bigger than the other codecs, so one should not compare quality at "tiny" quality for PIK.

All images have been subsampled to full range Y'CbCr prior to compression.

BPG, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, and WebP decoded in javascript when needed. Rescaling is through Lanczos2.

This page is based on Xiph.org's Daala comparison page. Originally developed by xooyoozoo. A list of sources for the images can be found in this text file.

Last updated: february 2018.